Hand Tied Hair Extensions In Knoxville, TN

Hand Tied Hair Extensions In Knoxville, TN

What Exactly Are Hand Tied Hair Extensions?

Hand Tied Hair Extensions are an application method for applying hair extensions by sewing and beading the hair extensions with the already natural hair that you have. We recommend Hand Tied Hair Extensions over any other application method because of how good it feels and the longevity in between maintenances for all of our clients here in Knoxville and surrounding areas! By doing this application method it allows our stylist to give you the most natural look while also ensuring that your hair is maintained in its most natural state when it grows with the hair extensions! Depending on how fast your hair grows the hair extensions will need to be moved up every 7 – 11 weeks with Hand Tied Hair Extensions!

What Kind Of Hair Do You Use For Hand Tied Extensions?

We love this question and get asked it often so we wanted to go in more depth on just how important this is! When we chose the hair we would use for our clients we spent months testing and analyzing the hair for the best quality! We partnered with Bellami a leading Hair Extensions provider who service not only some of the top salons in the United States but also throughout the world. We have applied hundreds of sets of Hand Tied Hair Extensions and have a 100% 5 star feedback rating from all of our clients who wear them. We often get told from our clients that they don’t know what they ever did before they got their hair extensions!

What Colors Do The Hair Extensions Come In?

The better questions is what color does the hair not come in! We literally have clients who have blonde, red, purple, black, brown, etc. etc. we have always found a color match for every single client we have that wears hair extensions and this is another reason we love working with Bellami so much because not only are their hair extensions the best quality but they are constantly adding new colors and styles all the time!

Where Can You Start With Getting Hand Tied Hair Extensions?

The first step in achieving your hair goals with Hand Tied Hair Extensions at Whitney Evans Beauty here in Knoxville, TN is to book your consultation. The consultation is a in depth process where our hand tied hair extension specialist get to see and fill your hair to determine the best color, discus your hair goals whether it be more length, volume or both and develop a overall plan to ensure you get exactly what you want! After that the hair is ordered and usually ships within 1-2 business days. From their we will already have your appointment scheduled for your application and have you achieving your hair goals in no time! You can book your consultation anytime right here!