Knoxville Salon Launches New Hair Product

Knoxville Salon Launches New Hair Product

Why Does Your Hair Need Dry Texture Spray?

There are hundreds of answers to this question but our top reasons why your hair needs dry texture spray is this! First off you can use it every day and literally achieve almost any hairstyle look you want with it.  It works with any hair type adding volume, shape and texture. It smells absolutely amazing! So when you are wearing the second or third day hair and need your hair to smell amazing and you want to wear almost any style dry texture spray is your LIFELINE!


What is #INSTAVOLUME Dry Texture Spray?

#INSTAVOLUME Dry Texture Spray was created to bring a product to the beauty industry created by hair stylist who have styled over 100,000 heads of hair and counting. We wanted to take our experience with all different types of hair and create something that will keep your healthy and looking its best all the time while achieving your hair goals. Our dry texture spray has a unique formula integrated with all natural minerals including natural sunflower seed extract. Leaving your scalp healthy and hair enriched with vitamins!


What Is The Difference Dry Texture Spray Vs Dry Shampoo?

Dry Shampoo is a powder version of shampoo that doesn’t require water. Dry shampoo is best applied at the root of your hair because that is where the oil is. Also using too much dry shampoo will make your hair feel heavier. A little goes a long way! So this way your hair stays smelling good , fresh and still feels light. Dry Texture Spray is the difference that makes the difference! Unlike dry shampoo you can use dry texture spray all over your hair and it doesn’t add weight just volume, shape and texture to help you achieve that specific look you are looking for! We often get asked can you use dry texture spray everyday and the answer is YES!!!


Where Can You Get #INSTAVOLUME Dry Texture Spray?

You can get it right here at our salon in Knoxville, TN or you can order it anytime on our website right here. We ship anywhere in the United States and also internationally. We love being able to serve people all over the world with hair products that make their look and feel amazing! Thanks for visiting and if you would like to learn about our other products you can visit our other articles here on our blog anytime.



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