The Best Hair Products For Hair Extensions Care

The Best Hair Products For Hair Extensions Care

Getting Hair Extensions

So you are thinking about adding some length and volume to your already amazing hairstyle or better yet you already did! Either way this article was written just for you. There is no better way than to use hand tied hair extensions to achieve your hair goals but what do you do after you get your new hair extensions to keep them healthy and long lasting!? No worries we have you covered! Here at Whitney Evans Beauty we use only the best for our clients and have used Bellami Hair from day one! So we are so excited to tell you about their new hair extension product partnership with Matrix.


Caring For Your Hair Extensions

When you get hair extensions a lot of the products you used before will stay the same but there are a few extras you can add to the mix to make sure you get the most of your new hair. Bellami just released their own specially formulated shampoo and conditioner for their hair extensions. Is your hair going to be ok without these products? Absolutely but if you are looking to have the most longevity out of your hair then these products are for you!

Hair Extensions Product


Hand Tied Hair Extensions

Whether you are looking to add some volume or you want your longest hair yet hand tied hair extensions are the healthiest way to achieve your hair goals and keep them. Here at Whitney Evans Beauty we have a team of stylist who specialize in hand tied hair extensions. We would love to have you schedule a consultation to hear all about your hair goals and what you would like to achieve with your hair. To see some of our recent work with hand tied hair extensions check it out right here!


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