Top 3 Reasons To Never Use Box Color On Your Hair

Top 3 Reasons To Never Use Box Color On Your Hair

The Results Are Always Unpredictable 

99% of the time the color you see on the box is not the color your hair is going to look like in the mirror after you use the box dye. Also the application of the box dye if not done correctly can really damage your hair long term. Color levels are different for all hair types and box color color levels are different for every head of hair. Let’s face the facts that model you see on the box did not do her hair at home she went to her favorite stylist and got her hair done.

No Dimension And No Hair Goals

Box color contains one formula for your hair. That’s all you get! One color that may turn out completely opposite from the color on the box and no contrast or dimension at all. When you go see your favorite stylist they are going to use multiple color formulas as well as an application strategy that is going to allow your hair to look just like the hair goal picture you have on your phone that you have been staring at for weeks.

Color Corrections Are Not Cheap

Ok so your hair is now orange. Why do we use orange as an example? Well because we have seen so many times people trying to lighten their hair with box color and then it turns orange just like that! Can it be fixed? Absolutely but color corrections take much more time than a regular color and can cost double to what a regular salon visit would cost. For example box color must be stripped before a new color can even be started. So the next time your thinking about using a box color to save a couple dollars DON’T! Treat your self to a visit to the salon and get the look your hair deserves!


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