Top 4 Things To Know Before You Buy Hair Extensions

Top 4 Things To Know Before You Buy Hair Extensions

The Length Of Hair That You Want

We offer 4 different lengths in our hair extensions here at Whitney Evans Beauty. 16,” 20,” 22” and 24”  Each length is going to add volume and length to your already natural hair to help you achieve your ultimate hair goals. Once you find the length that you want for your new look you’re all set and ready for the next step. This is where we take your current color and match it with the hair extensions see more below.

Matching Your Color 

We have hundreds of literally hundreds of different colors to choose from. When we chose our hair extensions supplier this was one of the biggest things for us in making the decision of what brand to use and that was to make sure we have plenty of color options! First and foremost was hair quality but second to that was being able to have plenty of options. So with that said to this day we have never had a client come in and us not be able to match their color. So once you come in for you consult appointment one of our hair extension specialist will match your hair and just like that your ready for the next step… Time to book your application appointment! Once we order your hair it usually takes 2-4 business days to come in. We will go ahead and schedule your application appointment the day you order your hair so that you can have your new hair goals within the next 10 – 14 days! 

How Long Does The Hair Last

This is the best part! The hair that we use can last up to a full year. There are a lot of hair extension options out there that look great when you just get them but after a couple months they start to thin out and don’t hold style very well. With our hair extensions and our application method we have had clients that have kept their hair extensions for a full year that have made sure to take care them. Quality is everything when getting hair extensions.

Hand Tied Vs Other Application Methods 

Hand tied hair extensions are by far the most natural and healthy way to add hair extensions to your hair. They also look the most natural which leaves people guessing all the time if you even have hair extensions. Many times our clients tell us that people think it is their natural hair. We love hearing this! There are other applications like beaded weft and tape in but we recommend hand tied vs these other options for many reasons but the main three are hair health, longevity and the way it looks. So if you’re looking for hair goals then hand tied hair extensions it is!

If you would like to see some examples of our clients hand tied hair extension transformations you can see them right here! 


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