Top 4 Things To Know If You Have Never Colored Your Hair

Top 4 Things To Know If You Have Never Colored Your Hair

Book A Consultation With One Of Our Professional Colorist

Step 1 in achieving your new found hair goals is to have an idea of what color you want and being able to meet with someone who has helped hundreds of people who have colored their hair for the first time. This is one of our favorite parts of being a color specialist here at Whitney Evans Beauty Salon in Knoxville, TN. Whether you have found your color inspiration online or in a magazine we can help you reach your hair goals for years to come.


Don’t Use Box Color If You Have Never Colored Your Hair

Box color is has artificial chemicals in it that are well known to stay in your hair for a very long time. Over the years we have seen many ladies come in who have tried it and have been so upset with the turn out and then have issues getting their back to the color goals they want. Many of the areas can even turn pink or orange from the box color pigments that linger in the hair. 


Getting Your Hair Colored Professionally Can Add Volume

One of the best things about getting your hair colored is that it changes the texture of your hair. Yes, that’s right! So many times our clients have an easier time styling their hair since the quality of products used are known to open the hair follicle which gives the hair volume! We have so many clients who talk about this!


Use Products Made To Protect Your New Color

Once you have your new beautiful color you will want to use color safe products to protect and maintain your color. We have many of these shampoos and conditioners in the salon you can choose from that will leave your hair healthy! For example if you are going blonde you will want to use our specially formulated Blonde Bestie Purple Shampoo that will protect your hair from turning brassy or yellow tones. 

Come See Us

We hope that this information will help you in making your decision to get your hair colored. Here at Whitney Evans Beauty we are dedicated to helping each one of our clients leave satisfied and confident with their new color. If you would like to see some of color specialists and their work check it out right here or if you would like to book a consultation call us anytime at 865 – 339 – 4951 or book online here. We look forward to seeing you soon!