Top 4 Ways To Grow Your Hair Faster

Top 4 Ways To Grow Your Hair Faster

Use The Natural Oil Your Hair Has To Your Advantage

Our scalp produces natural oils that if combed through our hair leaves our hair moisturized naturally and enriched to grow. We have seen when our clients do this between appointments their hair grows the fastest and stays the healthiest during the growth process. So each night before you go to bed, be sure to take your brush and comb through your hair starting at the scalp for a few minutes and literally watch your hair grow.


Eating Foods That Promote Hair Growth 

This is one of our favorites and easiest ways to get that growth you are looking for. Feeding your hair is a real thing and works great! If you like foods like fish, beans, whole grains, eggs, avocados or sweet potatoes these have been proven to be some of the best foods for growing your hair faster. Protein is the number one thing in growing your hair faster. So even if you don’t eat meat you can still achieve the growth you want by focusing on eating more protein.


Taking A Hair Growth Supplement

Almost everyone loves this! Finding a tasty gummy bear vitamin that they can take each day. They taste amazing and are hard to forget to take because they are good and super easy. If we had to recommend one it would be Sugar Bear hair vitamins because they are delicious and high quality! So the next time you are at Target and wondering if you should try them we say YES!


Last But Not Least Hand Tied Hair Extensions

If your thinking I don’t want to wait months for my hair to grow to my goal length then we have the fix for you… Hand Tied Hair Extensions! Whether you are wanting to add a length of 16”, 18”, 20”, 22” or 24” we have you covered. Almost all of us here at Whitney Evans Beauty wear them and hundreds of our clients do too! If you would like for information just call us at the salon here in Knoxville at 865 – 339 – 4951 or book your consultation online anytime right here.