Benefits of Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Benefits of Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Thinking of a new look as we head into a new year? Hair extensions may give you the volume, length and thickness that you desire. However, not all hair extensions are of equal quality, comfort and longevity. While you may be familiar with tape-in and clip-in hair extensions (or maybe even have tried them in the past), there is an extension option that’s gaining popularity for it’s amazing results: hand-tied extensions.  

At Whitney Evans Beauty, we specialize in Bellami hand-tied hair extensions that will give you that special look you’ve always dreamed about! Our team of extension experts has the knowledge and insight to help you determine which style suits your needs and wants, and the skills needed to apply your preferred hair-tied extension.

Before we tell you all about the amazing benefits of this hair extension option, we want to explain how these extensions are created and how they’re installed. 

What Are Hand-Tied Hair Extensions?

Hand-tied hair extensions earned their name for two reasons. First, the term refers to the way these extensions were designed. Like all hair extensions, hand-tied extensions are made from hair that is threaded together in a section called a weft. Typical extension wefts are produced by machines, whereas hand-tied extensions are made by hand. This hand-sewn technique creates wefts that are more lightweight and natural than the mass-produced versions. 

Second, the description hand-tied refers to the way the extensions are applied to hair. Instead of taping or clipping the extensions to hair, hand-tied extensions are carefully hand-sewn onto the natural hair by a certified Bellami specialist using high-quality nylon string or beads. This method is not only safer for your hair because it doesn’t require glue or extreme heat to apply the extension, it also creates a more refined look. 

The Benefits of Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Hand-tied extensions are gaining popularity among salons and customers who are looking for a more sophisticated and superior alternative to traditional extensions. When measured against these typical options, hand-tied hair extensions offer an array of benefits. 

Hand-tied extensions are:

  • Safer than tape-in extensions since no adhesives are required to apply them 
  • Much lighter than clip-in extensions for a more comfortable experience
  • Easier to maintain than other extensions sinc hair can be washed and styled as normal 
  • A non-damaging way to add volume, thickness and length to very fine or thin hair 
  • Smaller than traditional hand-tied wefts so they’re less noticeable and more natural
  • Sewn in allowing hair to be easily styled and worn up  

If you’re ready to experience the look and benefits of these fabulous extensions, then it’s time to schedule an appointment with the certified specialists in hand-tied hair extensions in Knoxville! As the area’s premiere salon that offers hand tied extensions, Whitney Evans Beauty’s experts will collaborate with you to select the desired extension length, match your natural hair color and help you achieve your hair goals. Then our certified Bellami hair extension specialist will apply your new extensions and style your hair to create your desired look! 

Call us at (865) 339-4951 or contact us today to schedule your hand-tied hair extension consultation! 


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