Hair and Makeup Services

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With over 25 years of combined experience, Whitney Evans Beauty is proud to be Knoxville’s premiere salon for women! From hair cutting, styling and coloring services to hand-tied hair extension consultations and applications to Olaplex treatments and base color and glaze services, we offer the finest hair, make-up services available. Our trained and certified hair and make-up specialists use only the finest quality products along with the latest technology and techniques to create the perfect look for each individual client!

Hair Extensions Consultation – $25

Ready to enjoy the beauty of a hair extension? We recommend that you meet with one of our hand-tied hair extension specialists first before beginning the application process. During the consultation, our experts will match your hair color, discuss your preferred length and hair goals, and help you determine which high-quality Bellami hair extension style is right for you. At the end of the consultation, we’ll place your order and schedule your hair extension application appointment. Please note that most orders typically arrive in 3 business days.

Hair Extensions Application – Starts at $650

Once your order arrives, you’re ready for your hair extension application! At your appointment, you’ll be in the expert hands of a certified Bellami hair extension specialist. This expert hair extension artist will not only install your new hair, she’ll also design and style your perfect natural look! Prices for applications start at $650 and are subject to change. If you have any questions about the application process or pricing, please contact us today.

Hair Consultation – $25

Crafting the perfect look takes time. That’s why it’s essential to meet with one of our hair artists to discuss your particular needs and wants before any cutting or coloring. During the consultation, a certified specialist will assess your current hair color, texture and style, discuss expectations, and develop a timeline to best achieve your desired hair goals.

Blow Out – $45

We take the classic blow out and update for a modern look and feel. Starting with a soothing and satisfying wash, our specialists use the latest blow out techniques to expertly dry and style your hair to your desired look. The result: soft, shiny and voluminous hair that looks fantastic for days!

Women’s Haircut – $50

Timeless, elegant looks. Modern, sophisticated styles. Whatever you wish, we will make it happen! Each completely customizable haircut is designed by a certified specialist to ensure an exquisite effect.

Princess Haircut – $25

Your daughter will feel like a princess with one of our customizable haircuts! Our specially designed haircut service lets children five years old and younger enjoy the same wonderful experience as mom.

Color Service for Long Hair (includes Cut and Style) – Starts at $165

Whether you want a whole new look or just a refresh, our customizable color service fits your unique needs. After a complimentary cut and style, our certified colorist will carefully design your unique experience to match your individual hair type and desired style. Long hair is typically considered shoulder-length or longer. Color services start at $165 and are subject to change. If you have any questions about coloring services or pricing, please contact us today.

Color Service for Short Hair (includes Cut and Style) – Starts at $140

Our same expert coloring service for short and medium hair styles (shoulder-length or shorter). Each customizable short hair color service includes a complimentary cut and style and starts at $140 (although prices are subject to change). If you have any questions about coloring services or pricing, please contact us today.

Base Color and Glaze – Starts at $100

Restore and protect your natural or dyed hair color with this customizable process. A trained and certified colorist determines your base color and recommends an appropriate shade. Ater, a protective, temporary glaze is applied to enhance your hair’s shine and reduce frizz. Please note that this color service does not include a complimentary cut and style. Prices start at $100 and are subject to change. For questions about base color and glaze services or pricing, please contact us today.

OLAPLEX Treatments – Starts at $25

Restore damaged hair to its natural condition with this revolutionary technique. OLAPLEX is a three-step treatment process that is designed to restore, repair and prevent damaged hair from the inside out. A simple and effective way to return hair to a healthy state, OLAPLEX treatment costs start at $25 and are subject to change. For any and all questions about OLAPLEX treatments or prices, please contact us today.

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