It’s Not All About The Bride: How To Style Your Hair Extensions As A Guest For A Formal Event

It’s Not All About The Bride: How To Style Your Hair Extensions As A Guest For A Formal Event

“Today is all about the bride!”

That’s the general rule when it comes to weddings. 

It’s her special day, so all eyes should be on the bride. 

Although, you don’t want to pull focus from her, you also want to make sure you look your best for her big day. 

After all, being invited to the wedding is an honor. It’s even more of an honor if you’re a member of the wedding party. 

So, in reality, it’s not all about the bride. 

It’s all about making sure your look suits her special occasion. 

Below, we’ll highlight a few of the most popular hairstyles for formal events.

From weddings and cocktail parties to charity events and awards dinners (and everything in between), we’ll share some of the wonderful ways you can style your hair extensions to complement your special occasion. 

Formal Event Hairstyle #1: Elegant French Twist 

A French twist is a classic hairstyle that’s perfect for any formal occasion. 

Plus, it’s easy to achieve this timeless style with hair extensions! 

Here’s how to create a classic French Twist:

  • Start by backcombing your hair until it’s ready to form a ponytail. 
  • While you’re pulling your hair into a ponytail, gently twist your hair upwards in your preferred direction. Be sure not to twist your hair too tight. You don’t want to feel uncomfortable – or damage your hair extensions. 
  • Start tucking your hair into the twist you formed. Make sure you hide all of your ends into the twist. You don’t want your hair to poke out and look messy. 
  • Once you complete your twist use a few bobby pins to hold it in place. 
  • Finish by lightly spraying your twist with a perfect hold hair spray recommended by your hair extension stylist. This keeps your hair secure while you mingle, dance and celebrate! 

Formal Event Hairstyle #2: Classic Chignon

Chignon is the French word for bun. However, this hairstyle is not your average bun worn near the top of your head. 

This more refined style is actually worn closer to the nape of your neck. The end result is a simple yet chic look that’s suited for any formal event. 

To create a chignon:

  • Separate your hair extensions into ponytail-style lengths.
  • Use the two separate lengths to form a rope twist. To do this, take the first length of hair and gently twist it in a clockwise fashion. Then cross it over the other length in a counterclockwise direction. Do this all the way down to the end of each length. (Helpful Hint: If your completed rope twist remains intact after you let it go, you’ve formed it correctly.)
  • Take the rope twist and bring it up to the nape of your neck and start to form a low bun with it. Use bobby pins to hold the twist in place as you form the bun. Your finished bun should have a soft, subtle knotted appearance. 

Formal Event Hairstyle #3: Half-Up Twist

Want a bit of curl in your look?

Then styling your extensions in this popular choice is the perfect way to achieve your desired look. 

Fashioning a half-up twist is easy to do:

  • Using a curling wand recommended by your hair extension experts, add some subtle curls to your extensions.
  • After you’ve curled your extensions, twist back a medium-sized section of hair from one side near the crown of your head and secure it with a bobby pin.
  • Repeat the above step using a section of hair from the opposite side. However, you’ll want to pin this section in place over the first section. 
  • Continue the above process by taking sections from each side, twisting each one and layering them on top of the other until you achieve your desired look.

Need More Formal Event Hairstyle Ideas? Ask Our Experts! 

French twists, chignons and half-up twists are just three of the most popular hairstyles for formal events. 

While each style is pretty simple to pull off, there’s always a risk of accidentally damaging your hair extensions if you’re not familiar or comfortable with styling your hair. 

The hair extension specialists at Whitney Evans Beauty can help you easily achieve the style you want for your upcoming event – or any time! 

Our stylists can create the looks listed above or discuss other looks that are perfect for weddings, parties, ceremonies and other special occasions. 

Contact our team or call us at (865) 339-4951 today to discover which hairstyles for formal events are right for you! 


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