Top 3 Reasons To Use A Whitney Evans Beauty Hair Product

Top 3 Reasons To Use A Whitney Evans Beauty Hair Product

Since the beginning our vision in creating and formulating Whitney Evans Beauty hair products has been to take our experience as hair stylists and create something special for our customers hair needs while making sure to keep their hair its healthiest. Each product was made with love from hairstylists who have touched thousands of heads of hair and counting.These are our top 3 reasons to use a Whitney Evans Beauty Hair Product. 


#1 The Ingredients We Use

Whitney Evans Beauty products have always been formulated with quality ingredients in mind first. Each one of our products have many natural additives to ensure when they are used that the hair becomes healthier with each use. What we put in our hair is just as important to what we put into our body.

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#2 We All Use Them

Each one of us here at Whitney Evans Beauty use the products that we create! There is no one who loves good hair products more than us with decades of salon experience in styling and coloring hair we all know what it’s like to have those products that you can’t live without so when we are creating a product we always ask ourselves the question will we use this product. This is also one of the favorite parts of designing hair products is the testing and collaboration in choosing our next product!

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#3 We Are Located In Knoxville, TN

Whitney Evans Beauty is located right here in Knoxville, TN! That’s right! So anytime you are close by you can stop right by our salon at 6743 Jubilee Center Way #102, Knoxville, TN. Also if you are one of our clients who travels from out of town, you can order from us right here on our website at anytime. Either way we have you covered for all your hairstyle needs!

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