Easy Steps For Going Blonde In The Summer

Easy Steps For Going Blonde In The Summer

We are seeing so many beautiful faces in the salon. Many of them are choosing to go lighter and blonder for summer so we wanted to write this article for all of you who are thinking about doing the same! Also please note that going blonde can take multiple sessions with your stylist to achieve your desired look!

Bring Your Inspiration 

Always always start with an inspirational photo of what you want your hair to look like and what you see your blonde looking like. This way when you meet with your stylist they can come up with a plan and custom formulation to achieve your hair goals. From here you can begin your moisturizing plan. Keeping your hair healthy is the best way to help you achieve your hair goals the fastest and most sustainable way.

Balayage or Ombre

If your hair is darker currently and you want to begin shifting your color towards a more lighter tone this will be amazing for you. Look into balayage or ombre styles where you can start integrating those darker tones in with lighter blonder pieces. These are also awesome ways to get a visual on if you are going to want to go fully lighter or just switch it up a bit.


Babylights are a game changer! You should always have a professional stylist examine your hair before trying this but if your hair health is in good condition and you have been using moisturizing treatments you should be good to go! But always make sure to have your stylist check your hair first. Babylights are the best way to add a little or a lot of blonde to reach your desired look.


This is the one we think everyone wants…. HIGHLIGHTS! After you have tried ombre, balayage, babylights and your like let’s do this! Highlights are the next step to going, going, going BLONDE! Highlights will normally be measured in half or or full head so make sure you are ready to go to the light side!

Lastly, once you are blonde make sure you have all the products you need to keep your hair its healthiest and best looking!


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