How To Prevent And Fix Brassy Blonde Hair From The Harsh Summer Weather

How To Prevent And Fix Brassy Blonde Hair From The Harsh Summer Weather

Summer is less fun with brassy blonde hair! 

While most brunettes don’t have to worry about this issue, blondes are prone to unflattering shades of orange, red and yellow damaging their hair. 

Luckily, the hair care experts at Whitney Evans Beauty are here to help with some great tips on how to prevent and fix brassy blonde hair!  

Ways To Prevent Brassy Blonde Hair 

If brassy blonde hair has troubled you in the past, you probably don’t want to relive that experience. If you’re currently rockin’ a vibrant shade of blonder you’re probably worried that it’ll soon fall victim to bothersome brassiness. 

Should you stay indoors all summer? 

No way! 

You can still spend time outside and enjoy the summer weather. You just have to take a few simple precautions to avoid brassiness. 

Here’s how you can prevent brassy blonde hair during the summer. 

Choose A More Subtle Shade

When choosing a new shade of blonde for the summer, brighter is not necessarily better. 

Although you may want a bright, bold shade that matches the spirit of the season, there is one major drawback: those irritating orange-yellow hues are more noticeable in brighter shades of blonde. 

To help prevent those obvious brassy tones from appearing, it’s best to choose a more subtle shade of blonde. For example, going with a buttercream blonde look is better suited for fall and winter. Yet, an ashy blonde tone is better suited for summer. 

Protect Your Hair From Harmful Elements 

Having fun in the sun at the beach or the pool are some of the best parts of summer! 

Unfortunately, UV rays, saltwater, salty air, and chlorine can dry, damage and discolor your blonde hair. 

Instead of avoiding your favorite summertime spots, simply take a few easy steps to protect your hair from these harmful elements that cause brassy hair. 

Any time you step outside in the blazing sun, don a fashionable floppy hat. Not only will this protect your hair from the sun-rays, it’ll also reduce your risk of a sunburned face, neck and shoulders. 

If you forgot to bring your hat along or your current outdoor setting prevents you from wearing it, you can still protect your hair from sun-induced fading and brassiness. Simply apply a high-quality sunscreen that’s formulated for hair. 

When you’re heading to the beach or the pool, be sure to keep your hair from making contact with saltwater or the chlorinated pool. Keep your hair out of the water by plaiting or braiding it before you head out the door. 

Ways To Fix Brassy Blonde Hair 

Following the steps above can help prevent brassiness from ruining your look. Still, there are times when even the preventive steps above can’t stop brassy blonde hair from happening. 

The good news is that there are a few easy ways to fix your brassy blonde hair. 

Use Specialized Shampoos And Hair Care Products

If brassiness becomes an unwelcome guest, it’s time to turn to specialty shampoos and hair care products to correct this issue. 

Toning shampoos are a great DIY solution for stopping brassy blonde hair. Available in a variety of pigmented formulas like purple and blue, these shampoos eliminate those unwanted orange, red and brassy blonde tones. 

Once you’ve toned down those brassy hues, you’ll want to keep them from bothering you again. Although using a pigmented toning shampoo every day can also lead to unwanted tones, you can prevent brassiness from recurring by adding a shampoo that’s formulated for color-treated hair to your care routine. 

In addition to these shampoos, you can also rely on an anti-brass hair mask to help transform those brassy tones to cool hues in just a few minutes. 

If the at-home remedies don’t resolve your brassy hair issues, then it’s time to consult the professionals. 

Visit A Salon For Professional Hair Care Help 

Occasionally the at-home fixes don’t completely resolve those brassy tones. In those cases, your best bet is to make an appointment with your favorite salon. 

Hair care experts (like the team at Whitney Evans Beauty) have the skills, knowledge, techniques and tools of the trade to transform your brassy blonde hair to the look you really want. 

From toning services to hair glazes, a trusted hair care specialist can do wonders for you! 

Make An Appointment With Whitney Evans Beauty 

Now that you know how to prevent and fix brassy blonde hair, you’ll be able to enjoy summer to its fullest! 

If you’re still experiencing issues with brassy blonde hair,  Whitney Evans Beauty is here for you! 

Call us at (865) 339-4951 or contact us today to speak with a hair care specialist or to schedule an appointment! 


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