The Best Way To Add Volume And Length To Your Hair

The Best Way To Add Volume And Length To Your Hair

Volume, Length or Both!

Whether you are looking to add a little volume, length or even both to your hairstyle we can help! The beautiful thing is we can do all of this in just a few appointments with one of our super talented stylists and you will have the hair of your dreams. The first step is to decide exactly what you want then from there we can start to build a custom plan for your hair goals.

How Do You Know Which One Will Be Best For You?

We love this question! If you are like us you know what you love about your hair and then you know those things you would love to change. We want you to tell us exactly what your hair would look like if you could have it exactly how you wanted it in terms of length, volume, color and style. Then we can build a plan to literally transform your hair! It all starts with booking a consultation at Whitney Evans Beauty. Then you will be well on your way to have your hair dreams come true.

Brown hair with length and volume

How Do You Get The Hair Of Your Dreams?

Ok! So you have booked your consultation and you know exactly what you want. The next steps are literally the best part. You will meet one on one with one of our hand tied hair extension specialists who will review everything you have in terms of hair goals. From here they begin to match and build a hair strategy around your specific hair goals. Once they have this information your next appointment scheduled is the one that everyone raves about! This is where you walk out with your brand new hairstyle that you imagined with the perfect additions to give it exactly what you needed to achieve the style you have always wanted.blonde hair with length and volume

If you would like to see some clients who have already reached their hair dreams you can visit our hand tied hair extensions page right here anytime.


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