Top 3 Ways To Control Your Frizzy Hair

Top 3 Ways To Control Your Frizzy Hair

Do You Struggle With Frizzy Hair?

Frizzy hair is stubborn. It makes rainy days worse and loves to be crazy at the worst times! If this is something you have struggled with then this is written for you!


What Causes Frizzy Hair?

The top 3 things that cause frizzy hair are humidity, damage  and dryness. All three of these can be helped. So how can you get started on a frizz free life? Follow us below for all the details to handle this once and for good.


Always, Always, Always Use A Conditioner

Using a good conditioner is one of the top ways to fight frizzy hair. It helps prevent your hair cuticles from opening up while also letting excess moisture in from the environment which will keep it smooth and frizzy free. Also invest in some frizz free styling products! A good leave in conditioner followed with a smoothing product can make the world of difference in your style!

One more tip before we go to the next one is to not shampoo your hair everyday. Dry and frizzy hair actually does better on days 2 and 3! Dry shampoo can be your best friend!


Use Heat Tools to Your Benefit

Heat often gets a bad wrap but can be a great thing when used properly to fight frizz. First, always use a good heat protectant! We love One United by Redken and Kenra Blowdry Spray at Whitney Evans Beauty! Next, use the nozzle that comes with your dryer to concentrate heat to add maximim shine to your blow out! Lastly, finish your style with a shine spray that calms flyaways!


Treatments for Frizzy Hair

Be sure to ask your stylist about treatment options to help your frizz! One easy treatment is to get a gloss service! We use Shades EQ by Redken and it can be used as a color or you can get clear for maximum shine!  For maximum frizz control ask for a Keratin treatment! Keratin is a protein that your hair is made of, we lose keratin over time by coloring, styling, and everyday wear and tear! When you replenish the keratin lost you can lessen your frizz tremendously!!

We hope this helps and that you have happier hair days ahead!


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