Top 4 Ways To Keep Your Hair Color Safe During a Quarantine

Top 4 Ways To Keep Your Hair Color Safe During a Quarantine

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It’s March 22, 2020 and we are all at our homes waiting on the Coronavirus problems to be gone! Most of you either just got your hair color done or were about to have your appointment before the salon closed. Rest assured we have your back! Below we have put together a list of the top five things that you can do to maintain your hair color until your next appointment.

Use Sulfate – Free Shampoo and Conditioner

This is a must if you are looking to preserve your beautiful hair color. Sulfate is the detergent inside many hair products that causes foaming effect in many shampoos and conditioners. If too much sulfate is used it can begin to stripping your hair of its natural oils and moisture. These natural oils and moisture are what protect your beautiful color from fading or changing.

Turn Down Your Water Temperature When Washing

Yes, hot showers feel amazing but those hot temps are not the best for hair color maintenance. Hot water will cause your hair cuticles to open and can cause some of your hair color to wash out if repeated too much. So the next time you start to wash just be sure to turn it down a little each time and you will notice your color stays each time!

Dry Shampoo Was Made For A Quarantine

Lets get real many of us this on days we are in a hurry and just don’t feel like washing our hair. Now there is no better time to use dry shampoo to preserve your hair color until your next hair appointment. Not only does it refresh your hair but also will leave it more voluminous! This is one of our favorite things todo to wash your hair less and preserving your hair color.

Let your Hair Air Dry

While we are all home and not in a hurry to go anywhere, taking a break from heat tools will dramatically help the health of your hair. Excessive blowdrying, flat iron use, hot tool use can fade your color and create split ends! Use this time to let your hair heal and go natural!

We will be back open on April 6, 2020 to talk care of all of your hair needs!


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