Top Three Wedding Makeup Ideas

Top Three Wedding Makeup Ideas

When it comes to weddings, there are just too many things for you to choose!

First, you have to pick a date that works for everyone. Next, you’ll try on multiple dresses before you find the perfect one. Locating the ideal venue for your reception requires visits and tours of multiple locations. Then there’s choosing which flowers are best suited for the bridesmaids and groomsmen, deciding on the dinner menu, putting together your song selections, and so much more. 

And of course, you can’t forget about your wedding day makeup! 

Just like dresses and hairstyles, there are so many wedding makeup ideas to choose from! How do you find the perfect look for your special day?

To help you pare down your wedding day priorities list, we  present the top three wedding makeup ideas to help make your decision easier! 

Classic Look

When it comes to planning the perfect wedding day, you can’t go wrong with a classic. This unwritten rule covers everything from dresses to dinner menus – and especially makeup. 

In a world where fashions and trends change constantly and suddenly, the classic look is a popular makeup choice for many brides. Achieve timeless style that’s perfect for any season or hour of day, with such subtle elements as delicate rosy lipstick, irresistible brown eyeliner, hints of pale pink blush and light bronzer. 

No matter which shades you choose, the result is a charming and captivating look that is suitable for any face. 

Natural Look

You have too many important things to focus on during your wedding. Worrying about the state of your make-up doesn’t need to be one of those things.

Rather than stress out over smudges or constantly check your look to make sure it’s perfect, you can go with the easy elegance of the natural look. 

Natural makeup is an ideal wedding makeup option to enhance your pure beauty and features with minimal fuss. Perfect for brides who typically do not wear much everyday makeup, natural makeup (such as your preferred shade of nude lipstick)  lasts all day long without the need for frequent touch-ups.  

Glamorous Look 

If a more dramatic effect is your desire, then going with the glamorous look is the right choice for you! 

Designed to balance eye-catching elements with subtle sophistication, the glamorous look pulls focus without distracting from the bride’s overall beauty. The key to capturing the perfect glamorous look is to surround a pop of bold color on the lips or eyes with less visible makeup to create a fabulous focal point. Think crimson lipstick or lavish lashes coated with mascara on the tops and bottoms. 

The result is a red carpet ready look that lasts all day and night!

These are just three of the many popular looks to consider for your wedding day. 

While you can view hundreds of Pinterest boards and scroll through just as many social pages, the best way to find the best look for your big day is to ask an expert. 

The artists at Whitney Evans Beauty are the premier wedding makeup specialists in Knoxville,TN! They’ll work with you to discover your makeup goals, offer their expert advice, and use their skills to create your perfect look.. 

From earthy to elegant to subtle to sensational, our makeup artists will capture your beauty and put it on display for your wedding day!  

Call us at (865) 339-4951 or contact us today to schedule your wedding makeup appointment with our experts! 


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