What Makes Dry Texture Spray So Great For Your Hair?

What Makes Dry Texture Spray So Great For Your Hair?

We get asked this question a lot and it’s one of our favorite questions to answer because our INSTAVOLUME dry texture spray is literally a game changer in so many ways for your hair! We hope some of these answers below help you in achieving that perfect hairstyle you have always wanted to achieve.

It’s a Dry Shampoo Too!

Let me explain! The number one thing a dry shampoo does for our hair is absorbs oil and INSTAVOLUME does that and more. INSTAVOLUME absorbs your hair oils while adding an amazing smell giving your hair the boost it needs to hold off on washing your hair for a day or two longer. That’s not it! It also of course gives your hair that needed volume to achieve those hairstyles we all love.

Braids on Braids on Braids

Who doesn’t love to wear a good braid!? Braids need some extra texture sometimes, especially if your hair super clean. One of the best ways to use INSTAVOLUME is before you braid spray it all over your hair and then braid so when you take the braid out your hair will have some wave and volume to restyle a different way so much easier with less effort!

No More Slipping Bobby Pins

If you have ever used a bobby pin for an updo or hairstyle you understand this struggle! INSTAVOLUME literally fixes this issue. Any area you plan on putting a bobby pin you just apply the spray and it will immediately provide a hold that won’t allow your bobby pins to go anywhere. Leaving you confident and secure for your favorite style!

Order your INSTAVOLUME dry texture spray today and start your new hair goals journey! Stay tuned for more exciting content and ways to enhance your hair!


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