Why Whitney Evans Beauty Uses And Loves Redken

Why Whitney Evans Beauty Uses And Loves Redken

At Whitney Evans Beauty, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with the best!

Everyone who steps through our doors receives the best services from the best team using the best techniques, tools and products. 

In previous articles, we’ve highlighted some of our best services and offered first-rate advice on proper hair care practices.

Today, we’d like to spotlight Redken and one of its amazing products we use every day! 

Why Do We Use Redken Products?

Since the 1960s, Redken has earned a stellar reputation as the preferred hair care and color products of salons everywhere. 


Unlike some brands, Redken takes a more scientific approach to their products. Redken is not solely focused on offering products that clean, condition and color hair. They’re devoted to developing products that help stay healthy, too!

While other products may damage hair, Redken’s advanced formulations continue to  revolutionize the hair care industry by formulating products that elevate appearances while preserving and maintaining hair health. 

Of all the products Redken has developed over the years, there is one in particular our team of experts trusts every day: Shades EQ. 

What Is Shades EQ By Redken? 

To claim that Redeken’s Shades EQ is simply just another hair color product would be a major mistake.

This demi-permanent hair color does more than enhance a client’s natural color, create a custom color or try out different colors and shades without long-term commitment. 

Its formulation also:

  • Acts as a gloss to refresh faded color and color correct brassy blonde hair caused by too much exposure to the sun. 
  • Adds extra shine and thoroughly conditions hair thanks to an infusion of amino acids. 
  • Incorporates Redken’s legendary Acidic Bonding Concentrate to reduce frizz, prevent dryness and repair broken and damaged hairs. 

Best of all, Shades EQ contains no ammonia. That means clients (and colorists) are not subjected to overpowering odors during hair color treatments and services. 

Schedule A Hair Color Service From Whitney Evans Beauty 

Next time you’re wowed by a look on the red carpet, there’s a good chance that the color is courtesy of Redken.

The gold standard for professional colorists everywhere, Redken hair color products are found on the shelves of celebrity stylists and in the best salons such as Whitney Evans Beauty. 

As we always want to help our clients achieve their personalized look and enjoy an amazing experience every time they set foot in our salon, Whitney Evans Beauty relies on Redken’s high-quality hair color products for our color services

Additionally, several of our colorists and stylists, including our founder,  are Redken Featured Artists. These professionals use their specialized skills and expertise in the use of Redken products to teach and train the next generation of colorists and stylists. 

Ready to enjoy a new look from the winning combination of Whitney Evans Beauty and Redken hair color products?

Call us at (865) 339-4951 or contact us today to speak with one of our professional hair colorists or to schedule your next color service for your long or short hair!


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