Reasons to Get Hair Extensions for Your Wedding

Reasons to Get Hair Extensions for Your Wedding

“How do they get their hair to look so perfect?”

We hear that question from our customers all of the time. It’s usually when they’re scrolling through Pinterest or leafing through a magazine and see pictures of a celebrity wedding. While most of the celebs have access to a team of personal stylists, the main reason their hair looks so wonderful is simple: they have hair extensions. 

While celebrities and models have enjoyed the perks of hair extensions for years, more people are beginning to benefit from the stunning styles they offer. That’s why so many women are choosing hair extensions for their weddings. 

If you’re considering wedding hair extensions, but you’re still on the fence about it, that’s ok.  

The experts at Whitney Evans Beauty have picked the top reasons to add hand-tied hair extensions to your wedding day look!  

Enjoy The Style and Color You Want

Have you dreamt of curly hair – but your hair refuses to hold a curl? Do you crave long flowing locks – but your hair can’t reach that length in a few months time? Want that full fairytale princess look but your hair is thin? Don’t worry. You can have the style and color you desire for your perfect wedding day. All it takes is the right hair extensions. 

Hand-tied hair extensions are not only the safe, non-damaging way to add volume, thickness and length to your natural hair – they can also be styled to create your perfect wedding day look!

Our team of hair extension experts will work with you to achieve your desired hair goals, match your hair color (or help you select a new one), and make your wedding day dream come true. 

Hair Style Lasts Longer 

One of the biggest challenges brides face with their wedding hairstyles: making them last for the whole day. Unfortunately, many brides see their perfect hairstyle disappear before they’re finished reciting their vows. 

Brides can avoid this scary scenario by making hair extensions the foundation for their ideal wedding day look. Enjoy an updo that stays up – and doesn’t fall down. Hold that curl in the heat and humidity of spring and summer weddings. Whatever style you choose, your hair-tied hair extensions will make it last throughout your wedding ceremony, your reception, your honeymoon and beyond! 

Stay On Trend

For the past year, you’ve planned on a perfect hairstyle for your big day. Then, with your wedding just around the corner, you see that perfect style go out of trend! 

While this was a common problem for many brides-to-be, hair extensions have made it a thing of the past. By consulting with a hand-tied hair extension specialist, you’ll be able to determine your new, on-trend look, select the extensions that make it achievable, pick your preferred color, and enjoy a worry-free wedding-day hairstyle! 

If you’re interested in hand-tied hair extensions for your wedding day, it’s important for you to speak with a knowledgeable specialist at a professional salon. 

As the leading hand-tied hair extension specialists in Knoxville, Whitney Evans Beauty can help you enjoy the look of your dreams for your dream wedding! 

Call us at (865) 339-4951 or contact us today to schedule your hair extension consultation in time for your wedding.  


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