What To Know About My Bellami Extensions Before I Get Them

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At Whitney Evans Beauty, we pride ourselves on offering our clients the best services, products, and experiences. That’s why we specialize in Bellami hair extensions.  If you’re thinking about elevating your look with Bellami extensions, there are a few things you’ll need to know before you take the first step.  Below, we’ll explain what makes […]

Tips for Sleeping Comfortably with Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Before and after of ombre blonde hair extensions that are properly cared for while sleeping

One of the most commonly asked questions we hear Whitney Evans Beauty is: “How do I sleep without damaging my hair extensions?” That’s a great question and one that we’re very happy to answer.  Since the tossing and turning associated with sleeping can lead to damage-causing tangles and knots, it’s important to follow a few […]

How To Take Care Of Your Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

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Your first time wearing hand-tied hair extensions is definitely a learning experience.  All those years of caring for your natural hair has led to everyday techniques that you can do without even thinking about them.  Yet, with hair extensions, you’ll need to learn some new ways to properly brush, wash, condition and dry your hair.  […]

Hand-Tied Hair Extensions FAQs

Brunette, blonde, and red hair examples of hand-tied extensions at Whitney Evans Beauty

Considering hand-tied hair extensions for a big event or just for fun? Then you probably have a whole bunch of questions. Only problem is, there’s a lot of conflicting (and confusing information) floating around.  Don’t worry! The hair extension experts at Whitney Evans Beauty are here to help you! While we can’t answer every hand-tied […]

How To Care For Your Hair Extensions When Vacationing

Before and after of clients getting hair tied extensions at Whitney Evans Beauty

Vacation season is almost here! You’re ready to get out of the house, soak up the sun and have some fun – but you’re worried about your hair extensions.  You know how sun, salt water and swimming pools can damage your natural hair, but you’re not sure how to protect your hair extensions from these […]

Reasons to Get Hair Extensions for Your Wedding

A young bride in her flowing white gown standing with her back to the camera to display her blonde hair extensions

“How do they get their hair to look so perfect?” We hear that question from our customers all of the time. It’s usually when they’re scrolling through Pinterest or leafing through a magazine and see pictures of a celebrity wedding. While most of the celebs have access to a team of personal stylists, the main […]