Repair Your Summer-Damaged Hair With A Color Glaze

Repair Your Summer-Damaged Hair With A Color Glaze

Summers give us so many great memories. 

From vacations and holidays to cookouts and pool parties to graduations and weddings, we’re all outside, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying every minute of the season. 

Unfortunately, summer is not as much fun for our hair. 

After three months of nonstop sunshine, pools, oceans, wind and other summer elements, our poor hair is often left dried out, frizzy and, worst of all, brassy! 

If your hair is suffering from any of these unwanted conditions, don’t worry! 

All you need is a hair glaze service from Whitney Evans Beauty!

Below, we’ll tell you all about this wonderful service, highlight some of its many benefits and explain why a professional hair glaze service from our hair care experts is your best bet! 

What Is A Hair Glaze?

Before we talk about the benefits of a hair glaze and what it can do for your sun-damaged hair, let’s learn more about this sensational service. 

Like its name suggests, this service covers hair with a glaze. Unlike more traditional color treatments, a hair glaze is non-permanent. So you don’t have to worry about long-term color commitments. 

Formulated using various moisturizers and waxy fatty acids known as ceramides, the glaze helps hair feel more smooth and appear more shiny. 

Available in both clear and semi-permanent color options (unlike a hair gloss, the other service it’s commonly mistaken for), a hair glaze does more than just help your hair look and feel fantastic. 

It’s also provides a variety of other great hair care benefits, 

When Should I Glaze My Hair? 

So now that you know what a hair glaze is, you’re probably wondering when you get one. 

There are several reasons to get a hair glaze. 

If the summer sun, weather and elements (like pools or salt water) have left your hair dried out, tangled or an unnatural brassy color, then a hair glaze is a must. 

Not only will the glaze restore your hair to its pre-sun damage softness and luster, it’ll help tone down any brassiness. So now you can easily return your hair to its natural color or enjoy a shade that is more to your liking. 

Best of all, since a hair glaze seals the hair shafts, it’s also a great preventative measure to reduce damage from sun, chlorine, wind, and other elements all year long. 

In addition to repairing sun-damaged hair, a glaze service is also a wonderful solution for a variety of other hair care issues, including:

  • Frizziness
  • Flyaways 
  • Tangling
  • Limp hair 
  • Dullness 
  • Damage from hot hair care tools 

Schedule A Hair Glaze Service From Whitney Evans Beauty 

If summer weather has wreaked havoc with your hair, now you know what to do! 

While many department and online stores carry at-home hair glaze products, they’re not as effective as a professional glaze service. The result: hair that only looks slightly better for a very short time. 

To keep your hair smooth and vibrant, schedule a hair glaze service with the experts at Whitney Evans Beauty. 

With our hair glaze service, we can repair your sun-damaged hair, tone down the brassiness, and help prevent further damage from the elements. 

And if your hair made it through the summer without damage, a hair glaze may still be beneficial. 

If you’re tired of dealing with frizzy hair, frequent flyaways, limp hair with no body, or damage from hot tools, a hair glaze solves all of those problems. 

Plus, our team of experts will work with you to develop a custom hair glaze service that suits your specific needs and preferences. 

Ready to enjoy the benefits of a first-class hair glaze? 

Call us at (865) 339-4951 or contact us today to speak with a hair care specialist or to schedule your hair glaze service! 


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