Refresh Your Color With Redken Shades EQ

Refresh Your Color With Redken Shades EQ

At Whitney Evans Beauty, we believe that our clients deserve the same VIP treatment that celebrities and influencers enjoy. 

That’s why we rely on Redken Shades EQ Gloss for a variety of our services!

What’s so special about this product line? 

Keep reading to find out!

The Benefits of Redken Shades EQ

Although designed primarily as a gloss, Redken Shades EQ does so much more!

Unlike most products found on store shelves and online, this professional salon-only treatment offers an array of additional benefits.  

Redken Shades EQ Conditions Hair

Perhaps the biggest difference between Redken Shades EQ and other hair gloss products is that it doesn’t contain ammonia. 

Since ammonia damages cuticles by decreasing the amount of moisture, it’s notorious for resulting in lots of issues ranging from frizzy hair to fragile follicles. 

Redken Shades EQ substitutes wheat amino acids for ammonia. Instead of potentially damaging hair, this key ingredient helps condition and strengthen damaged hair follicles. 

Redken Shades EQ Refreshes Your Color  

In addition to helping condition your hair, Redken Shades EQ is the go-to choice for refreshing permanently colored hair. 

Over time, permanent hair color begins to fade, especially in the areas that are most exposed to the sun. With Redken Shades EQ colorists are able to refresh dull ends and faded follicles, restoring them to their elegance.   

Additionally, this product line allows colorists to easily tone highlights, too! 

Redken Shades EQ Rids Your Hair of Unwanted Tones  

Achieving your perfect look is difficult if you’re dealing with unwanted undertones. 

Luckily, Redken Shades EQ is a first-rate toner. 

Your colorist can tame those out-of-control tones. They’ll work with you to select a shade level with an appropriate tonal value from the color wheel. 

Once applied, this shade counteracts the unwanted undertone leaving your hair looking fantastic!  

Redken Shades EQ Helps Your Hair Shine 

If conditioning damaged hair, refreshing faded hair color, and transforming undertones wasn’t enough, Redken Shades EQ keeps the benefits coming!

When it comes to gloss treatments, Redken Shades EQ line offers amazing shine! 

Want to change-up your color-treated hair? Would you like to match a certain shade? Or perhaps you want to enhance your natural hair?  

When used with gloss treatments, Redken Shades EQ can accomplish all of those hair goals! 

Redken Shades EQ is Ideal for Color Corrections 

In addition to taming unwanted tones and adding unbelievable gloss, Redken Shades EQ toner also works wonders for color correction services. 

Color correction is necessary to neutralize uneven colors caused by a variety of situations. For example, some clients may see shades of blue peeking through their hair after using a purple shampoo. Blondes who have spent a lot of time in the sun or swimming in a heavily chlorinated pool may suffer from brassiness. 

When these issues occur it’s best to consult a professional colorist. They’ll work with you to formulate a color correction plan using Redken Shades EQ toner to return your hair to your preferred color choice! 

Whitney Evans Beauty Works Wonders with Redken Shades EQ Toner 

With so many benefits to enjoy, it’s plain to see why our team relies on Redken Shades EQ toner to elevate our clients’ experience.

From refreshing hair color and restoring damaged hair to correct color and neutralizing unwanted undertones, this game-changing toner helps our customers achieve their perfect look. 

If your hair goals include any of the issues listed above, call our specialists today at (865) 339-4951 or contact us today to schedule a personal consultation. 


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