Hand Tied Hair Extensions In Knoxville, TN

What Exactly Are Hand Tied Hair Extensions? Hand Tied Hair Extensions are an application method for applying hair extensions by sewing and beading the hair extensions with the already natural hair that you have. We recommend Hand Tied Hair Extensions over any other application method because of how good it feels and the longevity in […] View more

4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Hair Its Healthiest

1. Silk Pillowcase That’s right! Silk pillow cases are the perfect material for keeping your hair sleek with less frizz and breakage. Cotton pillow cases on the other hand are probably the worst! They are the complete opposite and actually cause frizz and breakage. So if you want to feel fancy and have healthier hair […] View more

Is Your Hair A Good Fit For Balayage?

What is Balayage Exactly? Balayage is a hair application technique used by our stylist at Whitney Evans Beauty that involves free handing the color applied to your hair like a artist would paint a canvas. Except the canvas is your hair! We love balayage because it allows our stylist to create a unique look for […] View more

Wedding Hair And Makeup By Whitney Evans Beauty At The Standard In Knoxville, TN

Whitney Evans Beauty Weddings Whitney Evans Beauty is located right here in Knoxville, TN where some of the most amazing wedding venues are located in East Tennessee. Our team specializes in hair and makeup aka all things GLAM! Over the years we have been blessed to help hundreds of brides get ready for their big […] View more

Top 4 Hair Products You Shouldn’t Live Without

Here at Whitney Evans Beauty in Knoxville, TN we use so many hair products on the daily so we decided to pick 4 we believe you shouldn’t live without!  AMIKA PERK UP DRY SHAMPOO Number 1 is dry shampoo and not just any dry shampoo we have to recommend our favorite which is Amika Perk […] View more

Top 5 Reasons To Get Hair Extensions

Add More Length  We all have that length that our hair grows to naturally and then it just stops. No matter how well you take care of it it just won’t grow to the length that you want to achieve your hair goals. That is where our hair extensions come in to save the day! […] View more

5 Fun Facts to Know About Whitney Evans Beauty Salon in Knoxville, TN

  We are Inspired by Beauty Since the day Whitney Evans Beauty hair salon opened in Knoxville, TN our team has always been inspired by the art of beauty! Our belief is beauty is not just about having a pretty face it’s about having a pretty mind, a pretty heart and a pretty soul. We […] View more

Why Does Blonde, Balayage and Highlighted Hair Need #BLONDEBESTIE Purple Shampoo?

Everything You Need To Know About #BLONDEBESTIE Purple Shampoo #BLONDEBESTIE purple shampoo is a shampoo created to remove yellow and brassy tones from blonde, balayage or highlighted hair. The special formulated purple pigments in the shampoo are the #1 fighter to those brassy and yellow tones. If your hair is blonde, balayage or highlighted you […] View more

Find Out Why #INSTABEAUTY Hairspray Is Best For Your Hair!

Why Was #INSTABEAUTY Hairspray Created? We love this question and get asked alot! #INSTABEAUTY hairspray is made with love from hairstylist who have touched over 100,000 heads of hair and counting! After working with this many heads of hair we noticed that the common hairspray only had one spray volume and many of them lacked […] View more

Why Your Hair Needs #BLONDEBESTIE Purple Shampoo?

Why Is #BLONDEBESTIE Shampoo Purple? #BLONDEBESTIE purple shampoo was designed by hairstylist who have shampooed over 100,000 heads of hair and counting. Once you have used shampoo this many times you begin to see things that could be done to better serve your client. The unique purple formula that makes up #BLONDEBESTIE purple shampoo allows […] View more