Knoxville Salon Launches New Hair Product

Why Does Your Hair Need Dry Texture Spray? There are hundreds of answers to this question but our top reasons why your hair needs dry texture spray is this! First off you can use it every day and literally achieve almost any hairstyle look you want with it.  It works with any hair type adding […] View more

Top 4 Ways To Grow Your Hair Faster

Use The Natural Oil Your Hair Has To Your Advantage Our scalp produces natural oils that if combed through our hair leaves our hair moisturized naturally and enriched to grow. We have seen when our clients do this between appointments their hair grows the fastest and stays the healthiest during the growth process. So each […] View more

Top 4 Things To Know If You Have Never Colored Your Hair

Book A Consultation With One Of Our Professional Colorist Step 1 in achieving your new found hair goals is to have an idea of what color you want and being able to meet with someone who has helped hundreds of people who have colored their hair for the first time. This is one of our […] View more

Do Celebrities Wear Hair Extensions?

Do Celebrities Wear Hair Extensions? So the answer is absolutely…..YES! Being able to change your look on the fly is one of the most important things in their industry. Most stars have worn or still wear hair extensions and we think that is AWESOME! Hair Extensions are magic for your hair and you just can’t […] View more

Easy Half Up Ponytail Tutorial

Hi everybody! This hairstyle is one of my favorites! It’s so fun and spunky. This style is great for second day hair, and would work well for all hair types! Check out the products I used to achieve this look! Enjoy! Products used: -Invisibobble – Teasing brush (or just a regular comb) – Instabeauty Hairspray […] View more

The Perfect Khloe Kardashian Inspired Ponytail Tutorial

How to get that PERFECT High Ponytail!! This style is perfect for dirty hair and is quick and easy! Check out the step by step video below to achieve this look in less than 5 minutes! xoxo Products used: Bedhead OH Behive Volumizing Hairspray Backcomb Brush Goody’s thin hair tie Long bobby pin regular Bobby […] View more

Easy Long Hair Style Tutorial

Hey everybody! These two pigtail styles are by far my favorite for any cute style when you’re just not trying to wash your hair! You can do these two styles with a hat, a headband even when you’re just trying to lay by the pool but still look super cute! All you need are some […] View more

Easy Fishtail Braid Tutorial

Hey Loves!! I am so excited to be back with a new video!! this braid is one of my favorite hairstyles to wear! and you want to know what the best part is? You do not have to know how to braid to do it! all you need are a few tools and products and […] View more

Hand Tied Hair Extensions In Knoxville, TN

What Exactly Are Hand Tied Hair Extensions? Hand Tied Hair Extensions are an application method for applying hair extensions by sewing and beading the hair extensions with the already natural hair that you have. We recommend Hand Tied Hair Extensions over any other application method because of how good it feels and the longevity in […] View more

4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Hair Its Healthiest

1. Silk Pillowcase That’s right! Silk pillow cases are the perfect material for keeping your hair sleek with less frizz and breakage. Cotton pillow cases on the other hand are probably the worst! They are the complete opposite and actually cause frizz and breakage. So if you want to feel fancy and have healthier hair […] View more