Do You Need Hair Extensions On Your Wedding Day?

Are you getting married? Are you searching out that perfect style to look perfect in all of your pictures? If so we are here to help you make the best decision on if you will need hair extensions on your wedding day and to make sure your hair looks flawless. We have helped thousands of […] View more

Top 3 Ways To Keep Heat From Damaging Your Hair

Many of us have experienced the days of having heat damaged hair! Knowing what some of the common ways to prevent it can be a huge help in the future.  Heat Damage Heat damage is one of the most common things that can damage your hair. Many of the styling tools that you use on […] View more

4 Hair Myths About Your Hair That Are Not True

We have all heard those hair myths that seem like they would work but there is no real proof that they do. We hear them often in the salon and thought it would be useful to list our top 5 hair myths! Wash Your Hair Everyday, The More Product The Better… This is absolutely not […] View more

Easy Steps For Going Blonde In The Summer

We are seeing so many beautiful faces in the salon. Many of them are choosing to go lighter and blonder for summer so we wanted to write this article for all of you who are thinking about doing the same! Also please note that going blonde can take multiple sessions with your stylist to achieve […] View more

Coronavirus Quarantine Hair Curls Tutorial

Hey Beautiful Friends! I hope y’all are staying healthy during this time of the Coronavirus Quarantine! One of the most asked questions we get at Whitney Evans Beauty is how do I curl my hair? This can be answered multiple ways! I even did a video on this FIVE years ago! So crazy to think! […] View more

Top 3 Ways To Control Your Frizzy Hair

Do You Struggle With Frizzy Hair? Frizzy hair is stubborn. It makes rainy days worse and loves to be crazy at the worst times! If this is something you have struggled with then this is written for you!   What Causes Frizzy Hair? The top 3 things that cause frizzy hair are humidity, damage  and […] View more

Top 4 Ways To Keep Your Hair Color Safe During a Quarantine

We Are Here To Help! It’s March 22, 2020 and we are all at our homes waiting on the Coronavirus problems to be gone! Most of you either just got your hair color done or were about to have your appointment before the salon closed. Rest assured we have your back! Below we have put […] View more

Human Hair Extensions vs Synthetic Hair Extensions

What’s The Difference? If you are thinking about getting hair extensions you probably are curious to what is the best type of hair to get. Without a question human hair extensions are the only way to go. Human hair integrates with your natural hair as if it were your own vs synthetic hair can oftentimes […] View more

The Best Way To Add Volume And Length To Your Hair

Volume, Length or Both! Whether you are looking to add a little volume, length or even both to your hairstyle we can help! The beautiful thing is we can do all of this in just a few appointments with one of our super talented stylists and you will have the hair of your dreams. The […] View more

The Best Hair Products For Hair Extensions Care

Getting Hair Extensions So you are thinking about adding some length and volume to your already amazing hairstyle or better yet you already did! Either way this article was written just for you. There is no better way than to use hand tied hair extensions to achieve your hair goals but what do you do […] View more
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