Reasons to Get Hair Extensions for Your Wedding

“How do they get their hair to look so perfect?” We hear that question from our customers all of the time. It’s usually when they’re scrolling through Pinterest or leafing through a magazine and see pictures of a celebrity wedding. While most of the celebs have access to a team of personal stylists, the main […] View more

What are OLAPLEX Treatments?

Do you like to stay up to date on the latest hairstyle trends and products?  Then OLAPLEX is a name you’ll want to remember.  This innovative new system is extremely beneficial to hair health in many ways – and Whitney Evans Beauty is the premier OLAPLEX salon in Knoxville!    What is OLAPLEX?  Designed to repair […] View more

Top Reasons to Color Your Hair

“Why do you color your hair?” There was a time when the overwhelming answer to this question was “To hide my gray hairs!”  While that is still a pretty popular reason, it is no longer the only answer. Now, women choose to color their hair for a variety of different reasons and benefits. Below, we’ll […] View more

Benefits of Hand-Tied Hair Extensions

Thinking of a new look as we head into a new year? Hair extensions may give you the volume, length and thickness that you desire. However, not all hair extensions are of equal quality, comfort and longevity. While you may be familiar with tape-in and clip-in hair extensions (or maybe even have tried them in […] View more

How Skin Tone Affects Hair Color

Choosing a new hair color isn’t as simple as looking at a chart and finding a style you like. While certain hair colors are trendy or look great on others, they may not be the right choice for you. That’s because it may clash with your skin tone.  While there are many factors that can […] View more

Things to Know Before Getting Professional Hair Extensions

Tired of your bob, lob or short hairstyle? Want longer locks – but don’t feel like waiting a couple of years for your hair to grow? Hair extensions make that natural long hair look possible – without the wait!  Once exclusive to the worlds of supermodels, celebrities and social media influencers, hair extensions have recently […] View more

What Makes Dry Texture Spray So Great For Your Hair?

We get asked this question a lot and it’s one of our favorite questions to answer because our INSTAVOLUME dry texture spray is literally a game changer in so many ways for your hair! We hope some of these answers below help you in achieving that perfect hairstyle you have always wanted to achieve. It’s […] View more

Do You Need Hair Extensions On Your Wedding Day?

Are you getting married? Are you searching out that perfect style to look perfect in all of your pictures? If so we are here to help you make the best decision on if you will need hair extensions on your wedding day and to make sure your hair looks flawless. We have helped thousands of […] View more

Top 3 Ways To Keep Heat From Damaging Your Hair

Many of us have experienced the days of having heat damaged hair! Knowing what some of the common ways to prevent it can be a huge help in the future.  Heat Damage Heat damage is one of the most common things that can damage your hair. Many of the styling tools that you use on […] View more

4 Hair Myths About Your Hair That Are Not True

We have all heard those hair myths that seem like they would work but there is no real proof that they do. We hear them often in the salon and thought it would be useful to list our top 5 hair myths! Wash Your Hair Everyday, The More Product The Better… This is absolutely not […] View more
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